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A Workshop is a training event for a group of people seeking to increase skills, knowledge, and abilities in themselves and others in topics related to balancing business, family, and culture.  The workshops are provided by Dr. Lozano and Dr. Rivera, in-person or via Zoom.  

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Listed below are topics addressed through both consultation and workshops offered by Dr. Lozano and Dr. Rivera. Most are based on the book The U.S.-Latino Entrepreneur’s Guide to Balancing Business, Family and Culture (2020). When completing the Request for Service form, please note if you want a consultation or workshop. If there are related topics not listed in which you are interested, contact them to see if those topics can be addressed via consultation or customized workshop.

Business Workshops

Presenter:  Marvin Lozano

Description:  Workshop discussion uses an entrepreneurial mindset approach to cover the five things to consider in starting a business that entrepreneurs sometimes think need to be done but are not always necessary.  This workshop can be presented in English or Spanish. 

Description:  Workshop discussion on accessing money from banks, alternative lenders, and the SBA for your small business and understanding how alternative lenders and banks evaluate your loan request using credit, cash flow, collateral, and conditions in the market.  This workshop can be presented in English or Spanish.

Description:  Referencing the work of authors Clifton Taulbert and Gary Schoeniger (Taulbert & Schoeniger, 2010) In Who Owns the Ice House?  Eight Life Lessons from an Unlikely Entrepreneur, in this workshop we discuss a Latino cultural perspective to problem-solving and mindset.  This workshop can be presented in English or Spanish.

Presenter: Miquela Rivera

Description:  The first step in developing a business is knowing your Purpose – the core of what you are meant to be and do in life.  From there, describing your idea – your vision – of what your business will be and the mission – the steps needed to get there – will be clarified.  By the end of this training, you will have imagined, stated, and set the foundation for your business.

Description: Consider how the Latino culture – values, beliefs, traditions, distinctive customs, knowledge, art, language, everyday behaviors and practices across generations – is best understood, maintained, and respected in businesses within and across various groups in the community.  Participants will understand differences and commonalities across groups to build a solid business with a loyal staff and customer base. 

Description: This workshop reflects the similarities and differences in management approaches and tools when building a business, nurturing a family and including family in your business.  It can help the entrepreneur transition between roles in family and at work, balancing and being clear between the two. 

Description: People’s attitudes toward money and their financial practices can be different across and within families, whether they are in business together or not.  This workshop encourages participants to examine their attitudes and financial practices to remain aware of and communicate the similarities and differences at home and work.  This can enhance financial management and goal setting and reduce misunderstandings and conflict about money in either setting.  

Description:  Do you want to improve your communication skills with business colleagues and family?  This workshop can help you recognize communication styles and adapt approaches to communicating effectively with a wide range of people.

Description:  Participants will learn the three main universal sources of upset along with strategies for managing and reducing when upset and conflict happen. (This workshop pairs well with the workshop on Effective Communication). 

Attend a Workshop

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