If you are thinking of starting a business, determining which way to grow the business you own, or deciding what to do next because you feel overwhelmed, ask yourself: “What is my purpose?”  That golden question can lead you to better business and saner relationships.

The question does not ask how much you are earning or what recognition you are receiving.  It asks what difference you want to make, and if you making it.  It is the deeper look inside to ask, “So…?” about your choices and where you choose to invest your energy.  It is that soul-searching self-inquiry that makes you assess what you are contributing – not what you are acquiring or consuming.

If your purpose remains unclear to you, ask yourself what you love to do and are good at doing and how you spend your free time.  Think about what you would contribute to the world if time and money were not a concern.  Recall when you have felt satisfied and happy after helping someone and explore which ways you want to help now.

Your business, when driven by your purpose, does not merely create a job that provides money for you.  It forms a way to carry out your heartfelt desire – the thing you care enough about that you would spend your life pursuing it.  When you are clear on your purpose, how you invest your time, money, and effort takes on deeper meaning.  If your purpose leads to helping make a positive difference, you are on the right track.  And it will keep you on track when life gets challenging or a path is unclear.  When your situation, interests, or abilities change across time, your purpose may shift somewhat, but the essence of who you are and how your efforts matter remain at your core.  It will continue to be the driving force of your business upon which you will build your vision and mission, and ready yourself to successfully meet the challenges along the way.

This topic of this blog post is addressed in Chapter II of The U.S.-Latino Entrepreneur’s Guide to Balancing Business, Family and Culture (2020).    Check it out for more information and guiding questions to help you.