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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Marvin and Miquela help me with my business regardless of my location?

Yes, Marvin and Miquela are available to meet with you via Zoom, so you can request a virtual meeting with both or either of them. Complete a request form and they will respond.

What do Latinos Balancing Biz services cost?

Contact Dr. Rivera or Dr. Lozano to determine what a private consultation and/or training session will cost. That call will help determine how everyone’s needs can reasonably be met.

Are the questions I ask Marvin and/or Miquela confidential?

All the services of Dr. Rivera and Dr. Lozano are conducted within the professional guidelines of their professions. There will likely be no need for them to share your information, but if you have specific questions about your situation and confidentiality, send them a message and they can call you to discuss your privacy concerns.

Can I meet with Dr. Lozano and/or Dr. Rivera face-to-face in-person?

Yes. Contact them using the form above with your request and they will be in touch with you to learn details of your needs. If you are not able to meet with them face-to-face in person, they are available to meet with you via Zoom or Facetime.

Can I consult with Dr. Lozano and Dr. Rivera more than once?

Yes, you can consult with both together or either individually, depending on your needs. Contact them and they can help you determine what you need.

Does Latinos Balancing Biz guarantee my business success?

There are no sure-fire guarantees for the success of anyone’s business. Latinos Balancing Business will do their best to help you do your best.

Does Dr. Rivera accept insurance for her consultation services?

In her work through Latinos Balancing Biz, Dr. Rivera takes a psychoeducational – not a therapeutic approach – in training, consulting, and writing. She is not doing clinical work or treating people; she is teaching some basic ideas about human behavior and social interactions within a cultural perspective. She does not provide traditional psychotherapy or counseling through LBB, so she does not accept or bill insurance for the services she provides.