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A Consultation is a direct, personal discussion between the entrepreneur or another party and Dr. Lozano or Dr. Rivera to seek guidance, insight, and information about a business-related idea, problem, concern, or plan.  Consultations are typically conducted by phone or Zoom.

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Listed below are topics addressed through both consultation and workshops offered by Dr. Lozano and Dr. Rivera.  Most are based on the book The U.S.-Latino Entrepreneur’s Guide to Balancing Business, Family and Culture (2020). When completing the Request for Service form, please note if you want a consultation or workshop.  If there are related topics not listed in which you are interested, contact them to see if those topics can be addressed via consultation or customized workshop.

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Consultant:  Marvin Lozano

Consider consulting with Dr. Lozano if/when you face:

Description:  Basic topics such as business idea evaluation, form of organization, basic marketing concepts, small business management, analyzing personal financial position, analyzing business financial statements, and projecting credible financial projections with effective assumption assessment, analysis of start-up funds needed, funding an existing business, or funding purchase of a business.

Description:  Understanding the right loan, amount, loan structure and lender for your business start-up, existing business, or business purchase. Structuring your line of credit, term loan, SBA guaranteed loan request(s). How alternative lenders and banks evaluate your loan request using credit, cash flow, collateral, and conditions for accounts receivable financing, machinery and equipment, inventory, operating capital, business acquisition, expansion, building renovations, building purchase, and real estate loans.

Description:  If a start-up, use to manage business projections: cash income, accounts receivable, loan proceeds, sales and receipts, and other cash inflows (money coming in to pay the bills). If an existing business, use historical cash flow data to manage and support projections (money expected to come in to pay the bills in future periods).

Description:  Get behind the numbers! Learn how business lenders analyze your personal financial statement when reviewing your loan request to determine your personal liquidity and equity. What do they look for when analyzing your business financial statements – an income statement and a balance sheet, to decide whether your loan request is feasible.

Consultants: Marvin Lozano and Miquela Rivera

Description:  Focus is on understanding your market and knowing how to build customer relationships with a cultural perspective.

Description:  Focus is on effective leadership, styles of management/leadership, leadership and the family, managing business, family, and family business, thoughts on managing your business when family is involved, conducting a productive family business meeting, and basic forms of operation for entrepreneurs.

Consultant: Miquela Rivera

Consider consulting with Dr. Rivera if/when you face:

Description:  Latino entrepreneurs do not always have family members as employees or coworkers, but the business can affect the family nonetheless.  Changes in family roles, income, routines, and activities can affect childrearing, elder care, sharing of roles, budgeting, family goals and housing.  When the business is the focus, the focus on the family shifts, and those shifts are not always easy.

Description:  So much to do at home and in the business, so little time.  A team effort, good communication, and common sense are needed to keep things balanced and avoid conflict, confusion, neglect, or resentment.

Description:  You may think you were heard, but you weren’t; you may think you heard, but you didn’t.  There are ways to communicate effectively with family, coworkers, business customers and clients to avoid misunderstandings, errors, confusion, and frustration.  It’s easier said than done.  Information, guidance, and practice can help.

Description:  There are three main sources of upset among human beings worldwide.  Recognize and manage those sources of upset and you can have a calmer, more peaceful, productive life at home and in business.  (It can also help with your own occasional upsets, too!)

Description:  It is easy to feel overwhelmed, anxious, and irritable when you are running low on energy and patience.  Structure, communication, commitment, and learning to pare down distractions are keys to taking care of yourself while you are taking care of a lot of people and handling a load of responsibilities.

Description:  Mental health concerns are real – at home and in business.  No family or business is immune.  Dr. Rivera can help you determine when professional help is needed and where you might find care and support.  

Description:  You are confident you have thought of everything that might be impacted if you make a change, but it is always good to double-check.  Sometimes there is a thing or two you haven’t considered, and that can make a difference in the outcome.

Description:  You have decided to make changes at work or home – or both.  Now you need to explain to those involved and impacted what is needed from them and what they can expect. Communication and planning for change can help decrease fear, anxiety, anger, resistance, resentment, sabotage, gossip and confusion.  

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