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The U.S.-Latino Entrepreneur’s Guide to Balancing Business, Family and Culture
Bilingual Edition/English & Spanish

The idea for this book began when we taught and consulted with Spanish-speaking immigrants who wanted to be entrepreneurs. The first phase of teaching helped participants clarify their vision/mission, understand and define the market, select a form of business operations and management and project cashflow.
We realized that two core pieces of Latino life – culture and family – were not addressed in the classes. Adding those components helped participants understand how their core values and relationships inform their business and impact family, whether family members are directly involved in the enterprise or not.
Expanding the training to native-born U.S.-Latinos with existing businesses, we adapted the entrepreneurial mindset (Taulbert and Shoeniger, 2010) so these business owners could examine their approaches to problem-solving, business development and money. We blended some of the Business Model Canvas questions (Osterwalder & Pigneur, 2010) and customer development emphasis (Blank & Dorf, 2012) with our own U.S.-Latino Business, Culture and Family perspective.
Together, these components comprise this culturally sensitive tool that is distinct, meaningful and useful for U.S.-Latino entrepreneurs and those who teach or work with them.

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The U.S.-Latino Entrepreneur’s Guide to Balancing Business, Family and Culture Is the first book to offer the start-up or experienced business owner a bilingual (English/Spanish) approach to business success, including important roles of family and culture.

Advantages of this book include:

  • A practical approach to the core components of building a business so that the Latino entrepreneur can plan with the specific aspects of culture and family in mind
  • Guiding questions to map the overview and high points of each chapter for the reader
  • A step-by-step approach to priming the reader in the Latino entrepreneurial mindset for business solving, persistence, and success.
  • A simplified approach for the Latino entrepreneur to clarify their business vision, mission, target market, form of business and cash-flow.
  • Exercises to help the entrepreneur gain insight about the impact of personal and cultural values on decision-making in business
  • Inquiry into the roles of family in a Latino entrepreneur’s business development
  • Exercises to build a customer base with aspects that address specific Latino needs, lifestyles, customs, and preferences
  • Tables to understand the distinctions between forms of and management styles in business
  • Format and guidance for the Latino entrepreneur to effectively communicate with family regardless of their involvement in the business

Side-by-Side English and Spanish Translations

Table of Contents

About the Authors
About This Book
How to Use This Book


  • A Word about Latino Families and Business
  • Five Things You Should Know Before Starting a Business
  • Five Things You Should Know about Business and Family
  • Five Things You Should know about Business and Culture

Chapter I Money, Success, the U.S.-Latino Entrepreneurial Mindset, and You

  • Entrepreneurship: It’s a Way of Thinking
  • The U.S.-Latino Entrepreneurial Mindset

Chapter II Your Business: Vision and Mission

  • Your Business—Vision and Mission
  • Your Family and Business—Vision and Mission

Chapter III Understanding your Market and Building Customer Relationships with a Cultural Perspective

  • Your Typical Customer
  • The Role of Culture in Developing Customer Relationships
  • U.S.-Latino Cultural Values and Characteristics
  • The U.S.-Latino Cultural Context and Comfort Zone
  • Building Customer Relationships
  • Family and Friends Helping Develop Customer Relationships

Chapter IV Management/Form of Operation

  • Styles of Management Leadership
  • Leadership and the Family
  • Managing Business, Family, and Family Business
  • Some Thoughts on Managing Your Business When Family Is Involved
  • Conducting Productive Business and Family Meetings
  • Forms of Business Ownership

Chapter V Cash Flow

  • Pre–Start-Up Estimate
  • Monthly Cash Flow Projection
  • A Word on Alternative Lending