Resilience is Key to Business Success

Resilience – the ability to bounce back – is crucial for entrepreneurs.  Owning a business brings ups and downs, satisfaction and disappointment.  As a business owner or problem solver, resilience is required to adjust to ongoing change.  The environment, social conflict, technological advances and challenges, market changes, and personal loss can all set a business on shaky ground, with the future unclear and the approaches unknown.  That is where resilience comes in – getting back up and deciding what, how, and when to do what you decide to steady your enterprise and keep it afloat.   Resilience is typically learned in childhood, but it is tested and developed [...]

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Determining Purpose, Mission And Vision Are The First Steps In Creating Your Own Business

If you are thinking of starting a business, determining which way to grow the business you own, or deciding what to do next because you feel overwhelmed, ask yourself: "What is my purpose?"  That golden question can lead you to better business and saner relationships. The question does not ask how much you are earning or what recognition you are receiving.  It asks what difference you want to make, and if you making it.  It is the deeper look inside to ask, "So…?" about your choices and where you choose to invest your energy.  It is that soul-searching self-inquiry that makes you assess what you are contributing [...]

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