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Helping entrepreneurs balance business, family, and culture…

Because success is more than a bottom line!

Marvin Lozano, Ed.D.

Miquela Rivera, Ph.D.

Who We Are

Welcome to the Latinos Balancing Biz (LBB) website featuring our book, podcasts, blogs, training, consultation services and help you start or develop a small business balancing business, family, and culture. Whether you are Latino or not, or if you own a business or not, LBB can help you develop insight and strategies for reaching the fastest growing segment of the US population.

Marvin has years of commercial bank and alternative lending, business ownership, and entrepreneurial teaching in higher education. Miquela, a psychologist, has extensive experience working with children, adolescents, adults, and families, specializing in working with Latinos. She has managed her private practice, provided training and technical assistance to early childhood programs, and administered early childhood programs in state government. She has written about personal growth and development for books, newspapers, and magazines.

Check out the website and contact us – in English or Spanish. We are here to help your success be more than the bottom line.

Why Choose Us

  • We take a unique approach to Latinos in business by looking at business, family, and culture – key components in Latino life. This sets us apart from the thousands of books offering general business advice.
  • We can help customize your approach to business because we know that one approach does not work for all.
  • Those who do not own a business can benefit by adopting the Latino Entrepreneurial Mindset – a way of thinking – used in the book and in the services offered by Latinos Balancing Biz to solve problems and be leaders regardless of where they work, play or live. Like Latino entrepreneurs, the problem-solvers, and leaders can successfully realize a dream with commitment and taking responsibility.

Get the Book

This bilingual book has pages in English facing the same page in Spanish, allowing people to work between both languages. It combines a narrative and workbook format for easy notetaking.

Book a Consultation

Consult with Dr. Lozano directly concerning financial matters in business. Dr. Rivera is available to consult about the role of culture and family within or impacting your Latino enterprise.

Attend a Workshop

Dr. Lozano and Dr. Rivera are available (individually or together) to speak to your group in person or digitally,

Our Podcast

We are proud to offer our inspirational podcast as both a video and audio exerience.

Watch and listen on your favorite podcast platform!

“I have known Marvin and Miquela for many years as caring and insightful professionals with great experience who have created this very useful bilingual book for entrepreneurs. It clearly lays out the importance of knowing how to form support and communicate with your team to make good decisions by understanding what is most valued within the workplace. Marvin and Miquela are right on the mark .”

Susan Matteucci

Executive Director
Southwest Creations Collaborative

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